Our Mission

The purpose of the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust is to preserve the natural and unaltered lands in and around the vicinity of the Fox Chapel Area School District in Allegheny County, PA.


Our Committment

The Fox Chapel Area Land Trust plays a central role in conserving our community's natural heritage. Since 1978, we have been actively acquiring and preserving properties in their natural condition. Today, the Land Trust continues its effort to be an important landholder within the Greater Fox Chapel Area!

The Land Trust is responsible for more than 83 acres throughout O'Hara Township, Fox Chapel Borough, and Indiana Township. Our holdings consist of directly owned properties and conservation agreements (called easements) that serve as an undisturbed habitat for our region's animals, birds, and flora, and to protect the natural sights and sounds that we associate with our community.

Support the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust

Our strength is amplified with community action, and you can help make a difference with the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust right now! Our vision is focused and unwavering to "ensure that the natural and unaltered lands in the Fox Chapel Area shall be the inheritance of all people".




FCALT directs its efforts to:

The preservation of land primarily within the Squaw Run Area Watershed, Allegheny County, PA.

The appeal of public and private donors, to contribute toward the support and purposes of the FCALT.

The protection of unaltered land for enjoyment by the public or to study and manage the delicate balance of nature.

Promote the study natural resources and wildlife and  encourage a deep respect for and appreciation of our environment.