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Donations of Property and Easements

If you are a property owner, consider making a donation of property, either outright (fee simple) or via easement rights, to preserve your legacy and the environment for future generations.  A donation of land or a conservation easement will ensure that your land is forever protected per your wishes! 


Property Donation Types

Outright Property Donations


Property owners can donate a portion or all of a property to FCALT in a typical transfer of ownership (fee simple).  We then assumes an owner's stewardship role in keeping that property in its present, natural state.  Frequently we receive donations of undeveloped land or a portion of  acreage separated from acreage holding an existing structure that the owners intend to sell separately at market.

Easement Rights Donations

Property owners may also donate specific land rights they own via easements.  Many are familiar with easements for right such as "through access", shale-gas development, or  for utilities.  Rights may also be include things like drilling or mining, or for land development, which can be severed from the property and held by others. This feature permits owners to donate such rights to FCALT! 


That permits landowners to then sell their property to new owners knowing that their property will retain its present natural state going into the future.  Consider, many in our region are concerned that former farm acreage will turned into numerous  of multi-family unit developments.  An easement donation to FCALT on future development rights would secure that property.


In limited circumstances, FCALT may be able to help share the cost-burden such contributions place on the owner of a property.

Donations are Contributions to a 50(c)(3) Organization and may provide tax advantages to the donor based on the market value of the donations.  Always seek appropriate tax and legal counsel when considering donations. 

​To learn more, contact the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust today!

Fox Chapel Area Land Trust

P.O. Box 11286

Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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