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What we do

Fox Chapel Area Land Trust owns many acres of real property in the Fox Chapel area, as well as many easements on property that prevents development or modifications that alter its natural state at time of donation or acquisition.

Apart from those properties, we are occasionally involved with group or other special projects, some of which are listed below.


Hardie Valley Park

In 2019, the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust partnered with the Fox Chapel Borough Parks and Borough Mayor, Alex Scott, to raise funds to acquire and protect from development the 17-acre Hardie Family property, tucked in the pristine valley located between Riding Meadow and Old Mill Roads, alongside the flowing waters of Squaw Run. 


Today the property features a long meadow where once stood a horse barn and pasture. With the home also removed , only the meadow and pond now border the Dog Park trails. The property opened October 17, 2020, as a community park, with plans to restore the natural winding aquifer wetlands of Squaw Run.  This completes a longitudinal 4-mile-long, 345-acre park and trail system connecting O'Hara Community Park on Fox Chapel Road with Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve/Audubon Society.

Trib Review Article on Opening Here.

Photos: Johannes Ernharth / property Fox Chapel Area Land Trust

Strohm Cemetery
(circa 18th Century)

On a wooded knoll, in northern Fox Chapel, lies an old pioneer farm cemetery which originally belonged to Mary and Henry (David) Strohm, the first permanent settlers in Indiana Township. At least 80 people are buried here, including Fox Chapel pioneers such as William Hart, Peter Weber, and Thomas and James Powers (whose family name lives on in Powers Run / Powers Run Rd). 

Crofton Nature Reserve

Many  years ago, the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust led and partially funded the successful effort to create a natural reserve and conservation education project on Field Club Road across from the Fox Chapel Area High School in O’Hara Township.


Today, the Crofton Nature Reserve continues to thrive with the help of additional benefactors. Revitalized in 2016, the Reserve includes a butterfly and bird sanctuary and a walking trail. 

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