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Our History

FCALT has received numerous outright gift-donations of property but there are many opportunities for us work with a donor who is willing to offer a property or easement at a substantial market discount, but where the property or rights cannot be parted with without partial compensation.  For example, farmland that assigns rights to FCALT that forever prevents subdivision, additional construction,  or conversion to multi-family structures, loses a portion of its marketable value.  With a robust acquisition fund, your contributions can help convince a donor to gift those rights with the FCALT sharing in the cost with the donor!   Such opportunities can arise in partnership with local community governments to create parkland.  One of our mid-term  goals is to build the endowment to include funds specifically targeted for local properties, including the large farmland properties that define our areas' northern borders.

The Fox Chapel Land Conservation Trust was founded in 1978 by Watson C. “Butch” Marshall and Joshua Whetzel to “ensure that the natural and unaltered lands in the Squaw Run Watershed shall be the inheritance of all people.”


In the early and mid 20th century, the Fox Chapel area was a country retreat. Its rolling hills, vibrant streams, horse trails and beautiful landscapes were a nature filled escape for families living in the city. 


Today, this area, which includes 6 municipalities: Aspinwall, Blawnox, Fox Chapel, Indiana Township, O'Hara, and Sharpsburg, is a valuable nature preserve.  The Fox Chapel Area Land Trust is working to conserve the region in an environmentally sensitive way for future generations.

Meet the Board

President:     Marion Alig Scherer

Vice President:    Weezie Walter

Treasurer:     Arthur E. Hussey Jr. 

Secretary:        Robert J. Smith

Board Members:

 Tara Balonick

       Johannes C. Ernharth

David McDonnell

    Edward Walter

  Jeffrey Wolfendale

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